What Apps Do You Use The Most?

The theme for today’s post is 5 of my favorite Smartphone apps that are geared toward the topic of this blog: fitness; mainly running for older adults (aka Senior Citizens)

Well, I only have three apps that are “must haves”, the others on my phone either came with the phone, or I installed them because other people had them on their phone and they looked interesting.

So here are my top three Smartphone apps: (I use an Android, btw)

MapMyRun (powered by MapMyFitness)

I like that it draws a map of the course I take and stores if for future reference. I can post my runs on my Facebook account, but I rarely do that. I mean, do you really want to know when and how far I run everyday?


C25K Free (Zen Labs)

Formally known as Couch to 5K, this app is great for motivation and focus. You can complete the training program in as many days as you like. Repeat the days that you struggle to complete, or start over if you take a break for a number of days or weeks due to illness or injury.


PushUps Trainer (Zen Labs)

After a two to three mile run, come in and complete a set of push-ups with this free push-up trainer. Set it to your ability level or a little higher if you are looking for a challenge.  That and the calendar below are a great way to round out your workout routine.




What is a great workout without music? The first thing that drew me to this app is the gold headphones. I don’t have to have my glasses on to read the words on the phone screen, I can see the headphones and know right away which app to tap.

I have several songs in two 30 MINUTE RUN folders using the Google Play Music App for my Android. For longer runs, I play MY FAVORITES folder. I like to download fast, upbeat music for my workouts.


Google Play Music

There you have it! My favorite apps for daily use. The hardest part about using these is to know which one to start first so that I’m not constantly having to restart each one after starting the other one. Here’s what I think works best:

Step one: start Play Music, and then return to Home Page.

Step two: start MapMyRun, return to Home.

Step three: start C25K, lock screen.

Step four: complete my run including warm-up and cool-down

Step five: Push-Up Training and Ab Challenge….

Congratulations on an AWESOME workout.

Please leave a comment and share your workout tips.