Why I Follow the Blogs I Follow: Interesting posts around the Blogathon and why I like them.

I feel small standing in front of the sea of blogs across Blogathon 2013. When I think of all the professional writers and photographers out there, I wonder “Where do I fit?” If I jump in, will I be swallowed up by the masses, or is there a way for me to stay afloat and survive the highs and lows of the tides?
Theme: Recap of most interesting posts around Blogathon 2013.
Today’s theme is a recap of the most interesting posts around the challenge. One reason I joined this year is to find others who share my passion for fitness, photography and writing. Reading about their successes and struggles helps me to put things into perspective.
Each day I read through five or six new blogs. Below is a list of the ones I found interesting enough to start following.
Just a few of the blogs that caught my attention this week: 
Reading posts from other bloggers helps me to sort out my feelings about different topics. I may not want to write about the same subjects as the others, but looking at their writing can give me the tools I need to make my blog posts better. On the other hand, reading posts about topics that are important to me not only helps me to meet others with like minds, but it gives me ideas to add to my own posts. Those are the ones I tend to add to my folder of Blogs I follow.
Which posts did you like best this week? Please leave a comment.

2 thoughts on “Why I Follow the Blogs I Follow: Interesting posts around the Blogathon and why I like them.

  1. Hey, thanks for the mention! I look forward to getting to know more about you and other bloggers as the crazy beginning-of-summer-ness winds down.

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