Thankful Thursday: Things that made me say “Thank You” this week.

Things for which I’m Thankful:



I’m thankful for all the wonderful ideas that have been running through my mind, even if I am having a little trouble getting the ideas to market.



Update: AVM mass near hypothalamus; medications are being adjusted to wake her from her drug-induced sleep. Prognosis: long road to rehabilitation. Belief: Prayer works wonders. Pray without ceasing.

I’m thankful for the prayers for Madison Martin and her family. It’s going to be a long summer for that family. I’m thankful for the updates that the family constantly post on Facebook to keep us abreast of all the developments. I know that is not an easy task; what to say, what not to say… they’ve done a fantastic job.












I’m thankful that I have a dentist appointment this afternoon… I know, many of you are cringing at the idea, but I need to get this tooth fixed before it does lasting damage…


Blogathon 2013 badge

I’m thankful for the Blogathon. The pressure to post every day is a challenge I needed to get the creative juices flowing… an so far, it’s been relatively painless. I’ve come close to missing a deadline or two. I’m still not sure if I have to post before noon EST, or before midnight, but I’m posting. My goal is to get ahead and schedule posts a couple days ahead so that I don’t always feel rushed. Posts like these are easy, because I’m basically just free-writing.


Friends Toasting at Dinner

I’m thankful for the Guest Post theme for yesterday. It was fun to read the different posts around the blogosphere. Especially fun to see my guest post over at Just a Backpack and a Rollie. I’m also thankful for the friendships that are blooming because of the blogathon.


I’m thankful for alliteration! One of my favorite poetic devices.


Thankful Thursday may become a weekly post to wrap-up the things that have happened so far in the week that have helped me to become a better person, or that have just made living more interesting.

What are you thankful for? I’d love you to share your comments.