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I was trying to add a poll to see what it was that people liked so much about this blog. When I joined the 2013 Blogathon, I just wanted to work on my research and writing skills. I never dreamed that people would actually start following me. I like it. I’d like to keep getting “likes” and “followers”. So check out the poll (when I figure out how to add it) and let me know the reason you decided to follow this blog.




Starting Over

WEEK 1 Day 1: Determined to complete it before moving on.

WEEK 1 Day 1: Determined to complete it before moving on.

Couch 2 5k:  (C25k) I finally made it through Week 1 Day 1 without walking through half of the running prompts. If you haven’t tried it, and are looking to get in shape to run long distances, I recommend it. For me, I don’t move forward until I can complete the Week and Day that I’m currently working. It’s a little embarrassing that it took me almost a month to get through the first day, even though I’ve already completed two 5k races…you can imagine how long it took.

A new school year starts in just one week. Our students return in two. I’m ready to get things rolling. I’m sure it will pass as quickly as my summer seems to have passed.

A new challenge begins when I have to figure out a way to write part-time while working full-time.  I’ve been toying with this for 8 years, but I always seem to put the writing on the back burner until the next break in the school year. This morning, I found an old journal with many breaks in the posting. It’s like I stop thinking about queries as soon as I start writing lesson plans.

This year will be different. I am determined to earn income from writing while I am teaching others to write. Stay tuned for updates.

Oh, speaking of updates: I’ve started another blog: A Beach, A Book, and a Breeze where I am reviewing books and movies. I’ll be posting there about every other week; I read slowly. You never know what kind of books I’ll be reviewing, so sign up to be notified of new posts.

Guest Post: Maria Northcutt, Discovering Ranch Life Photography

The Art of Black and white Photography

by: Maria Northcutt ~ Discovering Ranch Life Photography

My biggest source of inspiration when it comes to photography is Ansel Adams (http://www.anseladams.com). He had an eye for beauty, both the spectacular kind of beauty, and the everyday magic. He had to work so much harder for one good photo, than any of us have to. Imagine all the equipment he had to carry to the top of a mountain to get one good shot. Nowadays we can take our car and a small compact camera to incredible places, that he just dreamed about. Well, maybe all pictures can’t be captured that easy. But I’m sure you get where I’m going. We have everything under our feet, just ready to experiment with (transportation to magical sceneries, fancy DSLR cameras, photo editing software etc.)
Ansel Adams took incredible black and white photos. After walking long distances to capture them he had to develop his film by himself. We have the option to take thousands of pictures;  upload them to our Mac Book, throw the bad ones in the trash and edit the good ones in a photo software. Simple enough…right. Practice makes perfect. I know that I need this advantage of taking thousands and thousands of photos. Here are some of my experiments with black/white. To see my future attempts at learning the art of Black and White Photographyfollow me at http://discoveringranchlife.com.
Be well,
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia, week of 07.07.13

Photo of antique bicycle, by Diana Busby

Saw this bicycle during a self-guided tour of Perry, Georgia. Notice the scroll work on the spokes and frame. I could imagine the little girl or young woman riding this bike into town, just a few blocks up the street, to get milk or bread, or maybe to see a movie on a Saturday afternoon. Also, notice the size of the tree? That tree must be a hundred years old or more. You don’t see trees that large around here very often.

Book Review: Anomaly, by Krista McGee


Krista McGee

Thomas Nelson Publishing

In the wake of a nuclear war, a small group of scientists, know as The Ten, has built a community deep underground to protect its citizens from the toxic air and water above. With the hope that war would never break out again, these scientists genetically engineered humans who are free of all emotions.

Seventeen year old Thalli (named for an element on the periodic table) is an anomaly. She was born with feelings and curiosity. These emotions are not permitted in The State; the scientists would not allow her to live if they knew. Until now, she has been able to hide her abnormality; however, in response to playing an ancient piece of music, Thalli is unable to hold back her tears of longing and frustration.

Considered a threat to herself and others, the scientists, led by Dr. Loudin, prepare to “humanely” annihilate Thalli. While waiting for her certain death, she learns from an old man, how someone called the Designer has a purpose for her life, if she will just listen for him to speak to her. Though confused and frightened, Thalli has to learn to trust her instincts or become the next victim of The State.

Anomaly is filled with suspense and twists, sometimes to the point of confusing the reader. I enjoyed the book; however, at times it felt like the plot kept repeating, and then at other times there seemed to be gaps in its development. These things did not stop me from reading because I was interested in learning the outcome. I loved the characters; their interactions with one another felt very real and believable.  I think most readers would find this book appealing despite its flaws.

RATE: 4 out of 5 stars

Disclosure: I received this book for free from BookSneez.com in exchange for my honest review.