Why Are You Following Me?

I was trying to add a poll to see what it was that people liked so much about this blog. When I joined the 2013 Blogathon, I just wanted to work on my research and writing skills. I never dreamed that people would actually start following me. I like it. I’d like to keep getting “likes” and “followers”. So check out the poll (when I figure out how to add it) and let me know the reason you decided to follow this blog.





2 thoughts on “Why Are You Following Me?

  1. Well, to be honest, at first none of above! I found your blog during the blogathon and the one thing that made me come back time after time was your interesting writing style. You have the gift of making any subject interesting, and of course your grammar are impeccabale. As a blogger that tries to blog in my second language, I need to read good English, and good story telling in English. Being an English teacher, you’re the master 🙂 After a while I also begun to recognoce your photos 🙂

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