Experimenting with Black and White Photography

Today, I’m experimenting with black and white photography. While doing a little research, three terms kept coming up: contrast, texture, and tone. The following pictures are my interpretation of these terms.

CONTRAST: In the picture of Oreo, below, her black fur stands out in stark contrast to the lighter colored wall.

It helps that the cat (Oreo) was already black and white.

Photo taken by Diana Busby

Definitely have the contrast here with my sweet Oreo.

TONE: The subtle differences in shades of gray in a black and white photographic. Notice how the tone of the photo below adds to the nostalgic theme.

Photo of antique bicycle, by Diana Busby

Photo of antique bicycle, by Diana Busby

TEXTURE: Strong lines and patterns are made sharper by shooting your subject in black and white. 

Texture in black and white photography

Photo taken by Diana Busby

The texture of the wood grain on the boards of this barn show its age.

Next month, a lesson in FOCUS.