2013 Blogathon Wordle


Over the course of the last month, I have learned several things about blogging:

1) Plan ahead. Many mornings I would sit down at the computer to write a post and I had no idea what my post was going to be about. I spent hours trying to make each post unique and interesting. Sometimes I was successful, other times… not so much. The “theme” days were helpful in filling in the gaps.

2) Read other blogs and make comments. I found several ideas from reading other blogs. Ideas that I could use immediately, and some that I will be able to use down the road. Commenting on the blogs that struck a cord with me helped me to build relationships with people I would never have met outside of blogging. Now, I want to visit new places and learn more about the people who have already explored them.

3) Discipline. I had to make myself accountable for every post. It had to be something of worth, even if just to say, I’m still here. Through the Blogathon, I’ve come to realize just how much time must be committed to writing.

4) Have fun! There is a great reward in reading and writing humorous posts. Everyone needs a smile now and then.

Share what you’ve learned from reading or writing blogs.


THANKFUL THURSDAY: This too shall pass.

That's me on the left... finish line face; half grimace, half smile.

That’s me on the left… finish line face; half grimace, half smile.

Today is the last Thursday of WordCount’s 2013 Blogathon. The finish line is on the horizon.

It’s hard to believe that I have blogged every day for the past 27 days. At times it’s been exhausting. I’ve struggled to find new content, yet keep the theme of active senior citizens (I think I mixed it with staying healthy as well).

I’m thankful that I accepted this challenge. It’s made me more aware of what it takes to build a freelance writing career. I’ve also learned a lot about what it takes to be fit at every age.

I’m thankful for all the new followers and friends I’ve met this past month. I hope future posts will continue to keep your interest.

So, with only three days left in the challenge, I have to say I’m thankful that it’s almost over.

I plan to keep blogging about three days a week, but not every day. Maybe that will give me more time to prepare better posts.

We’ll see.


How difficult is it for you to make decisions?

For me, some days I will talk myself into and out of taking action in one way or another for hours.

I need to go for a run. I need to mop the floor. I need to write that blog post. I need to take the car in for tire rotation.I can get bogged down trying to decide which activity takes priority.

Making a list is helpful. That way I can see what’s been done and what still needs doing; however, that doesn’t mean I will be able to jump right into the job.

According to a recent article in AARP MagazineEXERCISE can increase ones ability to make decisions, even when it’s in short 10 to 20 minute bursts of moderate exercise (around 60% of your maximum ability). Why is this?

Exercise increases blood flow to the brain. When I begin my day with a workout, the rest of the day seems to be more manageable.

Just another reason to stay active as you age!

Motivation Monday

Keep going!

Keep going!









What keeps you motivated?

There are days when I have to push myself to do the things I need to do to reach my goals.

Those days, I just slow down, take a deep breath, and get one thing accomplished.

It might be the laundry.

It might be a walk to the corner and back (the corner just happens to be a mile and a half from my house… way to trick my brain.)

Whatever it takes to stay active, do it! You will be glad you did.



Sunday Seniors on the Move and Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s day to all the dads in the world. My husband and I spent the afternoon with our two daughters and two granddaughters. I miss my father terribly.  I think of  him every time I see a cardinal eating out of the bird feeder on the front porch.

Photo Credit: Torindkflt http://commons. wikimedia.org/wiki/user:Torindkflt.
Photo Credit: Torindkflt
http://commons. wikimedia.org/wiki/user:Torindkflt.

So what’s been happening on the Senior Scene this past week? Here are a few articles that may be of interest.

The main reason to stay active is to reduce health risks. In the following article from SeniorJournal.com, the American Heart Association lists 7 things all “citizens” can do to reduce the risk of strokes.

Source: American Heart Association Journal Stroke: M. Cushman.

Source: American Heart Association Journal Stroke: M. Cushman.



Next, a group from Hurst, TX really knows how to organize a senior social calendar and newsletter. What a great resource for anyone who wants to get ideas for activities to provide for the seniors in your area.


It’s always a good idea to tell your doctor about any exercise you begin, especially if you have pre-existing health problems. This article from SparkPeople.com discusses the importance of building cardio health. Begin slowly and work your way up to a more rigorous routine once you know what your heart can handle.


Thanks for reading, and please leave a comment.


Thankful Thursday: Things that made me say “Thank You” this week.

Things for which I’m Thankful:



I’m thankful for all the wonderful ideas that have been running through my mind, even if I am having a little trouble getting the ideas to market.



Update: AVM mass near hypothalamus; medications are being adjusted to wake her from her drug-induced sleep. Prognosis: long road to rehabilitation. Belief: Prayer works wonders. Pray without ceasing.

I’m thankful for the prayers for Madison Martin and her family. It’s going to be a long summer for that family. I’m thankful for the updates that the family constantly post on Facebook to keep us abreast of all the developments. I know that is not an easy task; what to say, what not to say… they’ve done a fantastic job.












I’m thankful that I have a dentist appointment this afternoon… I know, many of you are cringing at the idea, but I need to get this tooth fixed before it does lasting damage…


Blogathon 2013 badge

I’m thankful for the Blogathon. The pressure to post every day is a challenge I needed to get the creative juices flowing… an so far, it’s been relatively painless. I’ve come close to missing a deadline or two. I’m still not sure if I have to post before noon EST, or before midnight, but I’m posting. My goal is to get ahead and schedule posts a couple days ahead so that I don’t always feel rushed. Posts like these are easy, because I’m basically just free-writing.


Friends Toasting at Dinner

I’m thankful for the Guest Post theme for yesterday. It was fun to read the different posts around the blogosphere. Especially fun to see my guest post over at Just a Backpack and a Rollie. I’m also thankful for the friendships that are blooming because of the blogathon.


I’m thankful for alliteration! One of my favorite poetic devices.


Thankful Thursday may become a weekly post to wrap-up the things that have happened so far in the week that have helped me to become a better person, or that have just made living more interesting.

What are you thankful for? I’d love you to share your comments.