Rates (Updated May 2017)

Diana Busby Proofreading

E-mail: dianabusbyproofreading@gmail.com

Is your job complete and as close to turn-in ready as possible?  (That is: The body of the transcript, not necessarily the title page/index, particularly if you’re sending a large project in batches.) Shoot me an email to check for availability.

Obviously, that doesn’t mean you can’t have errors, but the more basic mistakes I need to correct, the greater the chance that I’ll miss something, and neither of us wants that! I receive transcripts in PDF (preferred) or ASCII (.txt) format, and return work as a PDF via e-mail. I use iAnnotate to mark corrections in red and yellow.

 Proofreading Rates: (transcripts)

  • Standard rate: $.40 per page (more than 72 hours turnaround)
  • Expedite rate:  $0.60 per page (less than 72 hours turnaround but more than 24 hours) 
  • Rush rate: $.80 per page (less than 24 hours turnaround)
  • Excessive corrections: may incur an additional $.10 per page. (Any transcript that has more than 3/4 of the pages returned with annotations will be charged an additional $.10 per page due to the extra time it takes to complete the job.)
  • Printed transcripts and jobs with audio: $1.00 (due to extra time and cost of printing/scanning.)
  • Standard turnaround time is 2-3 business days.
  • For transcripts longer than 250 pages, please allow more time and/or send it in “chunks” so I can be working on one part while you are working on another.  This will help us get the whole job done more quickly overall.
  • Agency rates are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Discounts Available

  • Referral discount:  Thank you for referring your colleagues to me!  I will give you a $.10 per page discount on your next job (up to 100 pages) when I receive my first paid job from your referral.  There is no limit on how many reporters you can refer!
  • Super clean transcript: $.10 off per page. If you give me a clean transcript (less than 10 percent of pages have errors) I will reward you with a better rate. The more we work together, the better it is for everyone.


  • I send invoices as soon as I am finished with the job when we work together for the first time. Once a regular partnership is established, I send invoices on the last business day of each month for the work completed during that month (Jan 29 – month of JAN). Payment is due within 15 days; after that, late fees may apply.  I accept payment via check, PayPal, and credit card.