Guest Post: Maria Northcutt, Discovering Ranch Life Photography

The Art of Black and white Photography

by: Maria Northcutt ~ Discovering Ranch Life Photography

My biggest source of inspiration when it comes to photography is Ansel Adams ( He had an eye for beauty, both the spectacular kind of beauty, and the everyday magic. He had to work so much harder for one good photo, than any of us have to. Imagine all the equipment he had to carry to the top of a mountain to get one good shot. Nowadays we can take our car and a small compact camera to incredible places, that he just dreamed about. Well, maybe all pictures can’t be captured that easy. But I’m sure you get where I’m going. We have everything under our feet, just ready to experiment with (transportation to magical sceneries, fancy DSLR cameras, photo editing software etc.)
Ansel Adams took incredible black and white photos. After walking long distances to capture them he had to develop his film by himself. We have the option to take thousands of pictures;  upload them to our Mac Book, throw the bad ones in the trash and edit the good ones in a photo software. Simple enough…right. Practice makes perfect. I know that I need this advantage of taking thousands and thousands of photos. Here are some of my experiments with black/white. To see my future attempts at learning the art of Black and White Photographyfollow me at
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Confidence Comes From Action

Taking the plunge for the first time can be scary, but you'll never know how fun it is until you try.

Taking the plunge for the first time can be scary, but you’ll never know how fun it is until you try.

The Blogathon is over for this year. I had a great time writing and reading blog posts. My confidence has grown and I want to continue what I’ve started, just not every day of the month. I’m working out a schedule for posts and ideas to share. Stay tuned for updates.

I never thought I would be saying this, but for today’s post, you can find me at Discovering Ranch Life Photography.  

The first time I was asked to guest blog, I freaked out. I thought  “What in the world do I have to share with someone else’s audience.” But I did it anyway.

The next time another person asked me to guest blog, same feelings. What will I write. The funny thing is after I sat down and tapped out a rough draft, ideas became clearer, thoughts began to roll off my fingertips, and the nerves went away.

Confidence comes from Action.

Stop making excuses and take action.

Thanks for reading.