Thankful Thursday

Thankfulness is more than appreciating the things you have. It’s knowing that your life would not be as fulfilling without those things. Not that you couldn’t live without certain comforts, but you certainly don’t realize how much you have if you are always wishing for more.

“It’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you’ve got.” Soak Up The Sun, Cheryl Crow.

I am thankful for my 7AM walk this morning. That’s about an hour earlier than I usually get out. There were a few others out today as well. I’m also thankful that my legs are no longer hurting – those leg exercises really work!

New blender; great tasting smoothie made with Vi-Shape protein mix, frozen banana, strawberries, and blue berries; topped with a heaping helping of honey. UM UM UM!

New blender; great tasting smoothie made with Vi-Shape protein mix, frozen banana, strawberries, and blue berries; topped with a heaping helping of honey. UM UM UM!

I’m thankful for my new blender. I killed my last one when I tried to mix too many frozen fruits and ice for my daily Vi-Shape nutrition shake. Have I mentioned I am a promoter for the Body-by-Vi Challenge? You can get more information at

I’m thankful for my lesson in photography with Bonnie Gehling. We spent about two hours going over the ins and outs of my new camera. She helped to refresh my knowledge about basic skills, and gave me some great tips to work on until my next lesson. The classes are affordable and personal. I encourage anyone in the Middle Georgia area who is interested in improving your photography skills, check out Bonnie’s site.

Madison Martin Prayer Warriors

Madison Martin Prayer Warriors

And as always, I am thankful for all those who are following the progress of our sweet Maddie Martin. She experienced bleeding from a brain AVM (arteriovenous malformation) on Monday, June 3rd. The bleeding has stopped, and she is alert and responsive to questions and commands. However, there continues to be issues. They were unsuccessful at removing the ventilator tube yesterday, so that will have to be done in stages. Then, later in the day it was revealed that she has 5 blood clots throughout her body, which can’t be treated due to the clot to stop the bleeding from the AVM. So, we continue to pray for healing, understanding, and strength for Maddie and her family.

What are you thankful for this Thursday? Please share your thoughts in the comments.




Moving on to First grade

Woke up with numbers running through my head. Many people believe in numerology. I’ll have to check that out when I get more time. Right now, I just want to get this out. At first, I was dreaming. I just saw flashes of dice, a calculater, and a list of numbers on a sheet of paper. I’ve never paid a lot of attention to numbers, but then I started thinking about the significance of different numbers in my life. That’s when I decided to write this down.

One – Number of times I’ve been married; number of husbands I’ve had in 31 years.

Two – I feel like I live a double life: two kids, two grandkids, two cats, two dogs, two cars, two dollars to my name.

Three – Heaven; Father, Son, Holy Ghost; Good things happen in threes, bad things happen in threes.

Four – My best friend’s favorite number, even has it in her email address. It’s been her favorite number since we were in elementary school.

Five – My new favorite number, see below for my old favorite number. I have five 5’s in my (government issued tracking) number. I hope that’s not enough information for the scam artists to steal my identity.

Six – Use to be my favorite number, the reason for this goes back to elementary school when my best friend told me her favorite number was four. See, we both had Shetland ponies; hers was named Shorty (6 letters), mine was named Tiny (4 letters). Since she had chosen 4 as her favorite number, I figured 6 should be mine. Later, I decided I did not like the number 6 because of the connection with the devil (666) and a sex act (69), so I changed my favorite number to 5, since I was surrounded by them, except that I hate writing the number 5 because I can’t make them look pretty. It’s a love/hate relationship.

Seven – According to my mother, this is my lucky number, along with 11 and 21. At birth I was 7 lbs, 11oz. and 21 inches long. I’ve tried playing those numbers in the lottery, but so far they’ve been a bust.

Eight – I use to coach cheerleading. All of the competitive routines are set to 8-counts. It starts out 5, 6, 7, 8, and then 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, with emphasis on the odd numbers. Most routines have 40 or more 8-counts. I got to the point where everythng I did had an 8-count. Straightening my hair in the morning, running,  listening to music, waiting in line, listening to a boring conversation, everything was set to an 8-count.

And thenumbers keep adding up and multiplying. I never noticed how important numbers could be. I hated math in school, but this isn’t math, at least not the math I remember.

Do you have a number story?