Search Party Saturday: Searching for the most interesting posts around Blogathon 2013

This week’s 5 most interesting posts around Blogathon 2013.
I’m not sure how long I’ll keep up the alliteration theme, but for now it’s helping me to stay focused. Blogging every day is not easy. I remember thinking, pish, I will have no problem thinking of what to write about. HA! I started struggling about the third day.  Having a guest post was very helpful. But then I started to panic, because I hadn’t prepared any other themes or ideas for the remainder of the month.

Mind Mapping

Then, along came Anne Headen. Her post on generating blogging ideas is a great reminder that we have a world of tools literally at our fingertips.  Another helpful post on Anne’s blog is about creating an editorial calendar using Google Calendar.  I’ll definitely be working with both these tools in the future.

Editorial Calendar

For inspiration and encouragement, I’ve been stopping by Run Tall, Walk Tall. Just knowing that someone is interested in running and has the pictures to go with the story, it’s enough to keep me thinking I can keep going.

The view makes it easier to get up early for a morning run.

I also found a lot of interesting reading at Feel Better In Your Body. I’ve finally figured out that I am not going to keep feeling like a twenty-year-old unless I start taking care of my body.

Ah! That feels marvelous!

And finally, for a bit of sanity in a world of chaos, this post from The Writer’s Clinic helps me to realize why I listen to soft music when I’m stressed; I play it in my classroom on the days I need the students to be quiet and complete written work, and I use it to help me sort out my priorities when I get stuck. Just listen:
Otherwise, I’m listening to Guns-n- Roses and the likes.
Thanks for reading, and be sure to leave your comments before you go.