Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

2013 07 17 Weekly Upload 240 2013 07 17 Weekly Upload 233

Photo Credit: Diana Busby

Taken: July 16, 2013

Location: Warner Robins, Georgia

Oregon called; they want their weather back…

What happened to the sunny summer days I’m use to? At least the pool has been covered in algae. I’d hate to have a clean pool and too much rain to enjoy it.

Never thought I’d be glad to have algae in the pool.



Refreshing Friday

I love having the time to read posts from the blogathon and other sources throughout the web, ┬ásomething I don’t have when I’m teaching, or as in yesterday, watching the grandchildren.

What summer feels like.

┬áTheir ages are 3 and 7, so I don’t expect them to be satisfied watching TV and playing video games for very long. I did manage to get about an hour and a half after lunch to work on a project.

This week I found three posts that were especially refreshing to read:

* The first comes from Barb Freda at Babette Feasts. I’m the first to admit, I am not the most domestic when it comes to cooking. Recently though, I’ve become much more aware of the amount of money I’ve spent on fast food, and how unhealthy my eating habits have become. Now, I have a great starting point for getting the rest of my nutritional needs in balance. Check it out:


* My second find this week comes a new favorite, Just a Backpack and a Rollie. I have a burning desire to visit Portland, Oregon after reading all the posts during this Blogathon, Here’s a fun reason:


* And finally, rounding out this week’s interesting posts, lesson from Ray Bradbury on writing. I aspire to be a published author, so I try to read as much about writing as I do about everything else I’m passionate about. This article gave me some insight on being a better writer: