Book Review: Anomaly, by Krista McGee


Krista McGee

Thomas Nelson Publishing

In the wake of a nuclear war, a small group of scientists, know as The Ten, has built a community deep underground to protect its citizens from the toxic air and water above. With the hope that war would never break out again, these scientists genetically engineered humans who are free of all emotions.

Seventeen year old Thalli (named for an element on the periodic table) is an anomaly. She was born with feelings and curiosity. These emotions are not permitted in The State; the scientists would not allow her to live if they knew. Until now, she has been able to hide her abnormality; however, in response to playing an ancient piece of music, Thalli is unable to hold back her tears of longing and frustration.

Considered a threat to herself and others, the scientists, led by Dr. Loudin, prepare to “humanely” annihilate Thalli. While waiting for her certain death, she learns from an old man, how someone called the Designer has a purpose for her life, if she will just listen for him to speak to her. Though confused and frightened, Thalli has to learn to trust her instincts or become the next victim of The State.

Anomaly is filled with suspense and twists, sometimes to the point of confusing the reader. I enjoyed the book; however, at times it felt like the plot kept repeating, and then at other times there seemed to be gaps in its development. These things did not stop me from reading because I was interested in learning the outcome. I loved the characters; their interactions with one another felt very real and believable.  I think most readers would find this book appealing despite its flaws.

RATE: 4 out of 5 stars

Disclosure: I received this book for free from in exchange for my honest review.