Setting Goals and Holding Yourself Accountable

VACATION 2010 Grand Canyon

Mridu Khullar Relph has been an inspiration to me since I became interested in writing for a living a few years ago. I even keep a folder on my desktop of her most useful posts. Whenever I run into a writing snag, I think, “What would Mridu say?” and then I look for the solution in my files.

So this morning, I was scrolling through recent blog posts and ran across this idea about setting goals and holding yourself accountable. I decided now would be a good time to set some goals of my own for the next five years.

In my wildest dreams, what  five goals do I want to accomplish over the next five years? Some of these may sound a little ambitious, but hey, I’m dreaming here, okay!

1.       Make a six-figure income a year, from writing.

2.       Become a prolific photographer and travel writer.

3.       Publish my first children’s book: Tommy’s T-shirt.

4.       Run a 5k race in every state in the USA. Use the experience to fulfill goal #2.

5.       DRIVE from North America to the southern tip of Argentina (and back, of course).   Again, using the experience to fulfill goal #2.


Check back to see how it goes, and feel free to share your thoughts.